Roll for the Galaxy

A review by Haley Dale

Roll for the Galaxy is a game where you roll dice and use them to build up your own little galaxy. There are two endgame conditions; build up to twelve worlds or use up the pool of victory points. Whoever has the most victory points when either condition is met is the winner. I was given a review copy of the Steam version, but enjoyed it enough to purchase the android version for on the go play. I will admit that it took me a few tries to get how the game was played. This was mostly because I didn’t notice the giant tutorial button that you can see when you start a new game.


At the start of the game, you are given a random tile setup that gives you the first three building blocks for your galaxy. This will sometimes direct how you want to build out your galaxy. When you roll, there are six possible symbols you will get on your dice; an eye, a diamond, a circle, a barrel, a ship, and an asterisk. The eye allows you to stock, which gets you $2, or scout, which gets you another tile to build. The diamonds allow you to build development tiles,which have a giant diamond on them. The circle allows you to build settlement tiles that have a giant circle on them. The barrel will allow you to place the die on a world as a product. The ship allows you to take the products from your worlds and either sell them for credits and consume them for victory points. The asterisk is the wild card and can take up any assignment slot. After rolling your dice, you must assign them. For the most part, they will just go to the symbol that they match. You will then choose a phase to lock, meaning that all players will go through that phase. The die you use to lock a phase does not need to match the locked phase. There are also different colored dice that have different numbers of each symbol on them. The tiles you add to your galaxy can give you new abilities, additional dice, or new ways of earning victory points.


  • You can have online matches with up to 4 other people. Plus you can connect an account to both the Steam and Android version to play the same matches on the go.
  • Games can be very quick and enjoyable.


  • In the Android version, there is no button to quickly transfer you between multiple online matches and a local game. This does exist on the Steam version though.
  • Online matches can drag a bit due to the play by post style that the games uses.