-Review Video


  • 5 to 10 minute review of the game experience
  • Rating of the game based on enjoyment and replayability


Reviews: Although we would love to be able to cover your game digitally, we require a physical prototype of your game in order to record your video(s).

We will allow you to review the video before we post it, and also add any additional details you would like in the video’s description.

The video, and any pictures we take will be uploaded to our Social Media sites, and shared in various groups as well as uploaded to Board Game Geek.

We will provide a 5 to 10 minute review of your game featuring the the theme, basic mechanics and limited details, as well as our impressions of the game and a rating of based on how much we enjoyed playing the game and how we feel about replayability of the game.

Terms and Conditions

For all reviews, you will need to provide a physical copy of the game you wish to be reviewed.  We are unable to review games on any tabletop simulator application at this time.

We are only able to review games that are no longer in any prototyping or crowdfunding stages.  If your game is not yet in it’s final revision for production or has yet to be funded, we are unable to review the game.

You agree to cover all shipping costs of providing the game to us for review as well as any shipping costs if you need the game returned after the review has been completed.

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