-Full Preview Video


  • 5 to 10 minute summery of game elements.
  • In depth overview of the game experience.
  • Advertisement of the Crowdfunding Campaign.


All Video Services: Although we would love to be able to cover your game digitally, we require a physical prototype of your game in order to record your video(s).

We will allow you to review the video before we post it, and also add any additional details you would like in the video’s description.

The video, and any pictures we take will be uploaded to our Social Media sites, and shared in various groups, as promotional material, before, and during, your crowdfunding campaign, as well as uploaded to Board Game Geek.

Quickie Preview: We will provide a 1 to 5 minute, quick preview video for your upcoming crowdfunding campaign, featuring the theme of your game, basic mechanics, and limited details.

Preview: We will provide a 5 to 10 min preview video, showcasing your upcoming game for your crowdfunding campaign, featuring a basic overview of your game, card explanation, and a brief explanation of turn structure and gameplay. 

Terms and Conditions

For all videos, we will need the prototype at least a month in advance of the campaign launch, as well as a high res graphic of the game box for the Title Card on the video.

An invoice will be sent upon receipt of the prototype, and work on the video(s) will begin when payment is received and confirmed.

If there are any aspects of your game that you want covered in greater detail, please be sure to include those details in the initial request form.

Logan Chops Reviews will forward any prototype of your game to another reviewer, or back to you, provided that you cover the shipping cost.

If you need a rushed video in under a month, there will be an additional $25 surcharge for completion.

Logan Chops Reviews makes no promises about the success of a crowdfunding campaign.

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