Drew’s Review- Hand of Fate

Greetings gamers! Here is my first “guerilla style” review of hot games that we’re all currently playing, or trying to get and play because they are sold out everywhere. Hand of Fate Ordeals is my first review, because as of now, its my favorite game in my extensive collection. I won’t even get into the fiasco that’s going on right now with the backers not getting their copies and retail getting it before the backers, which is just wrong.

Well lets get into whats “right” with this game, and that’s where the list can get crazy because they got everything right with this game. If you aren’t familiar with the video game this is based on, the game is based on the console and PC game called Hand of Fate. Hand of Fate 2 introduced some dice rolling to the proceedings, but this one has no dice rolling. Everything is done with hand management, deck building, and card draws. The presentation and graphic design, components, and all the bits and bobs and miniatures included in this game are just wonderful. They draw you into this world with escapism of the highest order, and that’s what great gaming is all about.

The miniatures have a strange smoothness to certain details, which can be a little distracting, but the sculpts are still spectacular for what they are. They are basically just markers or chess pieces to represent players and what they are up against. This review is for the “special edition” of the game, which is basically “almost” everything, like stretch goals the backers got. It’s like 30% more content than the standard retail version, so I’d say this is the one you want to look for, if you can find it. Otherwise, plain old Hand of Fate Ordeals is just fine. It’s the rich, full world this game presents you in a plethora of beautiful cards that will simply blow you away. The amount of cards and content out of the box is so immense that you will have to enjoy many, many , many playthroughs before you start seeing repeats in your adventures. Did I mention how “many” games you’ll have to play before you see the same things? (laughs) And that’s if you play the same levels and scenarios too!.

Gameplay is pretty standard deck building fare and card management as you explore the layout of cards, per level on the board. Like I mentioned before, the presentation and graphic design of this game is just beautiful. Beautiful in a very stylized and grandiose manner. You feel like you’re playing something actually bigger than what you really are, and that’s where and why this game shines. Its very easy to learn and get pulled into this staggering amount of content and fun things to do and explore, represented on these cards. I found myself going back to this game over and over again for a few days actually because I became obsessed with and lost in this wonderful game world. And that is what great gaming is all about. This is a rich, deep game world that doesn’t come off too hard and complex, while this is a pretty complex working of a deckbuilder game. This is definitely going to become a prized piece in your game collection, let me tell you. Repeated playthroughs will just happen because you’ll want to see what this game has to throw at you next. Captivating is the best way to describe the experience of getting lost in this game world. Now keep in mind I’m only talking about this from a solo perspective, so I can just imagine how much more fun a group of people will have around this giant gameboard full of cards and gaming bliss.

That’s pretty much all I have to say to recommend this game without getting into all the little details and nuances of this game, which there is plenty here on offer, trust me. This will be an often re-visited box of gaming goodness on your shelf, or shelves if you’re an obsessive compulsive gamer like myself. And you will be choosing this game over others in your collection, I can almost guarantee you that, because this game is that good. A rave review is what it is, and this is a rave review. I hope you took away even a scratch of an idea of the quality of gaming sessions each sitdown with this game will provide. Plus it looks great on your shelf too. This will be a game you will be proud to own.

Andrew Baumgartner