Drew’s Review’s- Wakening Lair

Here’s the best little game I’ve played outta this small of a box in awhile. Well, it’s a medium sized box at best. (laughs) This little game is pretty darn good for what it pulls off with this amount of components in a clever little package of interesting yet simple play mechanics that just work for what they do and how they do it. Just enough content for a good little world of a small light dungeon crawl done right. It’s a light game still, but packs a little heavier punch in what it pulls off with clever mechanics and the depth it snuck in there without anybody noticing. (laughs) As basic a plot as you could want from a dungeon crawl, sneak into a dungeon, steal loot and kill the boss monster. Basic, but a lot of fun each time you sit down with it.

You have 9 classes to choose from, which is a lot for a small dungeon crawl. But that variety of choices helps the replayability and party construction. This game is meant as multiplayer co-op, but is a helluva lot of fun soloing a bunch of characters. Especially when things start getting crowded in this little dungeon. A good assortment and amount of monsters with a comparable amount of treasures with 6 boss monsters to finish off this little meal. (laughs) You build a 12 room dungeon and then start exploring by “waking” the rooms. That means revealing them as available to travel to and occupied by monsters. Combat is done with 3 d6s in a clever way that is old fashioned, yet a little new. Weapons and magic items, again, handled in a nice clever new way. That’s this games biggest strength. It handles the “usual” tropes in clever new little ways that makes it stand out among its bigger brothers and sisters. (laughs)

If I told you any more, I’d be giving you the rules outright, and I want you guys to have as much to discover here as possible. This is still a lightweight game, that again, feels heavier for how it handles things and the depth that it gets from the way you have to play it and strategies you’ll have to come up with to best handle your party of adventurers. The 9 classes are very well thought out and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, but will leave you wanting to play more and more. After a few playthroughs, I still look forward to my next sit down with it. This is a shorter review because this is one of those small games where the size of it is what you discover while playing and playing it again and again. And for the price-tag, you’re getting a good staple in your dungeon crawl library that is a good old fashioned adventure in a medium sized box with A LOT of game waiting to be discovered. So pick up a copy quick and get discovering! You won’t be sorry you did.

Over exuberantly discovering still,

Andrew Baumgartner