Drew’s Reviews- Robin Hood

One of my favorite stories as a little kid was about an antihero, one of the originals so to speak, who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. We all know who we’re talking about and who would think that in 2018 there would be a boardgame based on him? Funny and strange eh? Whats even stranger is that this game happens to be pretty damn good, and runs all the bases, even makes it back to home plate for a HOME RUN I’d say! (laughs) We are talking about the game Robin Hood and the Merry Men.

This game pretty much came out of left field for me. There was no big fanfare behind it or advertising or any publicity at all. Which is pretty shocking to me, because this game deserves ALL of that! This is no small game. When I opened the box, I was blown away by what I was hit with. Baggies upon baggies of components and bits and bobs. From what I understand, there were deluxe versions of this game with more deluxe parts, but to be honest, all of this stuff looks pretty high end to me. No expense was spared component wise. I was overwhelmed by every baggie FULL of little pieces I pulled out of this box. It seemed like they were never going to end. (laughs) At that point I was getting scared that I might be in over my head with this game. But at the same time I was excited by everything I was seeing. I was like, if they can pull this off without it being a jumbled mess, I’m going to be in gaming heaven. Well, they more than pulled it off. Like I said before, they hit out of the park.

The rulebook is well written for the amount of information it has to get across to players without being overwhelmingly confusing. I was a little confused at first, I’ll be honest with you. And I felt that same fear again that I might be in over my head. But after going over the rules a few times and setting up my first game, everything was coming together and looking clearer and clearer. I’ll just get this out right now, there is A LOT to do in this this game. In both solo and multiplayer. Multiplayer has a few more “modules” and game modes than solo, but there is still PLENTY to do in the solo game. This is pretty much a sandbox game with Sherwood Forest as your playground. You can do things from straight up steal from the rich to participate in archery competitions to freeing fellow countrymen from prison. And many other things to do also. I don’t wanna give away all the surprises here, so I’ll just leave it again at, “there’s A LOT to do here! (laughs)

There’s so much to do in this game, PLUS it has so many different styles and types of gaming going on here. We know how I hate the term “Ameritrash”. It infuriates me and is wrong. Well for this game I’m gonna call what they did “Ameritreasure”. They took A LOT of dice chucking and random card draws and deck management, combined it with Euro worker management and cube pushing manufacturing and micromanagement in a brilliant way. They made it and KEPT it fun!. Plus you have beloved characters like Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Will Scarlett, Little John, and others uniting against villains in the same literature and its something really special. Components, besides being plentiful, are all top notch, amazing quality. Your heroes and even the villains are whimsical lighthearted variations on the theme and it helps elevate the levels of fun considerably. Now with all these components you’re gonna need a considerable sized game board, and again, they did not disappoint! Beautiful HUGE game board that just makes this sandbox world a beautiful joy to behold and spend a few hours in easily per game session. Some solo sessions could last for like 45 minutes, it all goes by the numbers of players and the game style you’re playing in.

We are not in the golden age of gaming now for no reason. Its games like this that push the envelope on so many levels. This elevates the hobby of gaming into a higher level of art form and expression. You are gonna want to keep playing this game. And pull it off the shelf maybe a little more than other games in your collection! And hopefully you will thank reviewers like me who will have hopefully left a great impression on your gaming choices and help put this game on your shelf.

Again, I hope I was helpful in making your gaming choices and your gaming dollars bring you the most bang for your buck and smiles to your faces and your friends and families faces. This is a good amount to wrap your heads around, but its done well and in a non threatening and non imposing way. Quite the contrary. Once you get the hang of this game and start to develop a love for this game like I have, in only a few days mind you, you are gonna want to share this with as many people as you can. Quite the same way as I’m doing right now! This is a really special game that deserves to be played over and over and deserves your passion and attention in this hobby. If you devote just a little time and effort here in learning and mastering all the strategies and techniques, you are going to be rewarded greatly. This will be up there with my favorite games of the year, and possibly next year because of how late it came out.

Do yourselves and your friends and families and loved ones that are involved in this hobby a great favor. Pick up this game and teach them how to play. That’s IF you can pull yourself away from playing it solo and keeping all the fun to yourselves! (laughs)

Sincerely and over enthusiastically,
Andrew Baumgartner