Drew’s Reviews- Planet of the Apes

We have another game that might have slipped under everyone’s radar, much like it did mine like 2 years ago when it first came out. Planet of the Apes, designed by Richard Launius, and the same people that brought you the Batman game I reviewed not long ago. A dice chucker at heart, with dice management as the key element here, similar to Batman, but I think this one goes a little deeper with the amount of choices you have to make and the depth involved. Its also a bit easier to win than Batman, for those who might have been put off by the difficulty of that game, boy was that tough!(laughs) Its faithful to the source material of the Apes movies, even though it doesn’t use film footage. It uses a comic book rendering style for the art, which is really well done. Art and production here are amazing.

The game takes place in a sequence of scenes from the main movie. Each scene has a deck of cards of challenges you must accomplish in a certain amount of time or you lose the game. Here is where the game shines, with the amount of content in the different decks of cards and rewards and other goals and consequences. Because of all this content, and the fact that you shuffle all these decks each game and only use a small portion per game, replayability is very high. Another interesting spin here is that you don’t play as different characters in the game. You play as a variety of Charlton Heston’s traits from the movie. Like his commanding ability and traits like that. Four sides of his personality in total and its really interesting and again, adds to the depth of this game.

There are 8 scenes in total you have to play through and all offer a myriad of challenges dealing with dice management to card set collecting, which was another interesting twist in the game. Cards that you can use in different ways during the game add another layer of depth and strategy here. I loved so many aspects and choices they made here in the game design, proving why Richard Launius is one of the best game designers out there. You are gonna have many hours of challenging and differing styles of gameplay with this one. There were so many times where I played the same scene card differently with varying results and it just made the experience so much fun and exciting. I loved these movies as a kid, and if you’re a fan of the source material too, this is a must own for your collection.

Even though this game isn’t brand new anymore, it hasn’t lost anything in excitement and fun. You will be enjoying the gameplay in this little hidden gem for many play sessions to come, making it worth every dollar spent. You may even get a version of the game that comes with extras like miniatures along with the cardboard standees used in the game. I think it was a bonus in certain versions, but as you can see in my pic here, I got the version that came with the wonderfully sculpted minis. This game is just full of many surprises every time you play, besides the extras like the minis, that will keep you wanting to play again and again. Solo play is also a blast as you play out the different sides of the main characters personalities by yourself.

Like I said previously, this game slipped under the radars of so many gamers, and was such a shame. Make the extra effort and track down a copy of this little gem, you won’t be sorry you did!

Retro loving this charming experience,

Andrew Baumgartner