Drew’s Reviews- Lucidity

Here’s an older game I had to bring to your attention to make sure any dice chuckers out there, like myself, could get hooked up. The game in today’s spotlight is Lucidity-Six Sided Nightmares, and this is the dual box KS version I have on display here. And yes the 2 box set is worth tracking down. This might be a short review but it will hopefully do this amazing little game justice. This is probably one of the best dice chuckers I’ve played besides Dice throne. This game just blows my chuckin mind. See what I did there?(laughs)

You get a TON of high quality custom dice and other components in these 2 boxes. The 2nd box is mostly upgraded parts like plastic trays and a new set of dice to add more depth and another element of gameplay, plus 2 mini card decks that just take this game over the top. Gameplay is beautifully simple and elegant in every way. Right from the get go you will be swept into this dark little nightmare world controlled by swarms of beautiful little custom dice. You play against deadly sins like greed and sloth, just to name 2. The art and production here is off the charts beautiful, and frightening. This is MY perfect form of escapism. Nightmares that I can pick myself to fight on my own terms.(laughs)

Another extra in the 2nd box is kid friendly art so this set is family friendly, cuz trust me, the base game art is pretty terrifying and would scare most children I would think. The whimsical art was a great idea, because the gameplay is easily accessible to a younger audience too. It’s basically set collection and dice management all on a perfect little compact board, just made for traveling and small spaces. Gameplay is just pure, clever and ingenious fun. Replayability is unlimited and you’ll be playing this for years to come, trust me. Like I said before, try and track down the 2 box deluxe set, it is more than worth its price, as long as you don’t get hosed by ebay scalpers. I know this was a short review so hopefully these lovely pics will help make up for it! Grab this game now and enjoy the HELL out of it, PUN intended!(laughs)

Still having a helluva great time with this,

Andrew Baumgartner