Drew’s Reviews- Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth

We have an interesting review today, because I was going to review a throwback game that’s been out for awhile, but then I got this game that actually has the same game engine as that older game!(laughs) No shenanigans going on there, because it’s the same game designer and same game company that makes this game that I see as the “evolution” of that older game, and this game we’re talking about today is Judge Dredd –The Cursed Earth. The game is made by Osprey games, designed by Peer Sylvester, same company and designer of the Lost Expedition. Fans of that game will be instant fans of this game, because it has the same DNA, meaning game engine, but just a lot more perks and depth and basically just “turned up to 11!!!”(laughs)

Gameplay is basically card hand management with a twist of luck of the draw thrown in there for the randomness factor, because who needs dice, right?!(laughs) This game follows events of the comic graphic novel this game is based on. That’s another high point of this game, the artwork! The art in this game is the same as the graphic novel, which is amazing! Overall production is top notch, as always from Osprey Games. Card stock and component quality is top notch, with 2 wooden meeples thrown in to represent the good guys and the bad guys. There’s around 80 Dixit sized cards and a ton of cardboard chits for markers to represent ammo, food, radiation, and other goodies from the wastelands of the future. And oh, what a horribly fantastic, nightmarishly beautiful future it is, expertly illustrated by these talented artists that made the original comic. There’s even a small taste of the comic in the rulebook before things get going!

The game is basically a chase through the wastelands of the cursed Earth, for a character from the comic known as Max Normal. No spoilers here, but you’re not the only ones trying to find Max, hence the bad guy meeple I mentioned before.(laughs) The game is played in 2 rows of cards. One row that is the “board” that the meeples are running across that is the cursed Earth and various locations from it. Replayability is high, because the cards from this deck are different every game, and the second deck, the action deck, is huge. I highly recommend sleeving this game, because it WILL see a lot of table time with plenty of shuffling and card handling. Just do a search for Dixit sleeves, because the cards are the same size as that similarly beautiful game. These gorgeous game cards deserve to be protected and preserved, because this will become a favorite in your collection. Gameplay is in 2 stages, dusk and dawn, and card placement varies according to the time of the day.

The game can be played multiplayer also, and you can play as a team or vying enemies. I play the game primarily solo, so that’s how I feel the best gaming experience can be found here, but that’s personal preference, and there is something here for everybody. This is solo escapism at its finest, like curling up with a good book and getting lost in its pages, but in this case, you’re getting lost in piles of gorgeously illustrated cards. If you’re a fan of The Lost Expedition, this is a must buy. If you’re a fan of Judge Dredd and the comic, this is a must buy also. And if you’re a fan of great card games with tons of depth and excitement, again, this is a must buy.

So many reasons to get this fantastic game, so I’m not gonna tease you anymore or give anymore away, get up and get this game, like now, you won’t be sorry! For this price and what you get in this small box, it’s priceless entertainment and game quality. All you guys I mentioned before, like the Judge Dredd fans, need this game, so again, run and grab this treasure of a game!

Still exploring the radiated wastelands,

Andrew Baumgartner