Drew’s Reviews- Highlander

Every once in awhile, a GREAT movie is made into a GREAT boardgame. This is indeed one of those times. Most movie to game adaptations aren’t that good for many reasons. Bad gameplay, misuse or neglect of source material, etc.. Highlander the Boardgame hits every note spot on. Great use of the source material from the movies, but not the TV show, which is this games only fault. Scenes from the movies are used on the cards and gameboard. The miniatures are incredible sculpts and the detail is top notch. Everything here is done so well and in a small package.

The game is played on a small board, using the miniatures as markers to what decks of cards they are pulling from that turn, after everyone makes their initiative roles and takes their numbers, and takes their moves, highest number to lowest. If 2 players roll the same initiative, a duel takes place in the arena space on the board, and there’s a chance someone could lose their head. Players take their turns moving to and pulling from different decks of cards that vary game to game so the games are always different and replayability is endless. Players can go the hunt deck and maybe fight weaker immortals or find allies, or go the Era deck and lay low and live lifetimes that you add to you player board that could boost or take away from your dice rolls. This is where the game shines. From these cards, so many things can happen, like the living of lifetimes, finding allies or conquest cards, where you fight weaker immortals for a prize, like a new weapon or quickening tokens, which let you make rerolls or boost dice rolls.

There is a lot of content here. All the decks are substantial, and vary game to game based on the number of players, 2-5. I play this game solo 3 handed and have a blast, living through all these lifetimes with 3 immortals, and gaining weapons and allies etc., seeing who will live at the end of the game when the “gathering” happens, and there can be only one!.(laughs)This game just “feels” like a movie when you’re playing it. And I’ve just been soloing, so I can imagine how much fun this is gonna be on our 3 player game nights. The number of cards in play varies by number of players, so 3 is a good number to run with. The decks you draw these cards from are HUGE, so every game when those giant decks are shuffled and the cards are drawn, it’s totally random every game, like REALLY random!(laughs) For a pretty small box game with a small board, you get a lot of game world here, that’s what’s so impressive here. I’ve played much bigger games that gave a smaller experience. You get a BIG experience out of this small box.

Again, I think and hope I’ve told you just enough to want to explore this game further, because you should, its worth every penny to have in your collection. Plus there is already 1 expansion called Princes of the Universe, and it has advanced more powered up versions of all the characters in the core box, along with appropriate minis that look just like the advanced newer versions on the cards. It also comes with 55 more new cards really kicking up the content and replayability of this amazing little BIG game. Right now this game is a little tough to find in stores, as I had to order direct from the company and pay full retail, but like I said many times before, this is well worth the money.

To say I love this game is an understatement, and can’t recommend this game enough. So find a copy of this game, a few friends, and let loose a few heads, because as they say, “there can be only one.”(laughs) That’s not true here with expansions, because I want way more than one! I want material from the TV show like Richie, the Watchers, etc.. But I’m fine with this game and ONE expansion for now. I’ve already had so much fun playing just by myself, I can’t wait to share this with some friends, as you should too. Get this game in your collection now, you won’t regret it, and if you’re a fan of the movies, this will be gaming bliss.

Still the “only one”,

Andrew Baumgartner