Drew’s Reviews- Heroes of Terrinoth

Today we’ll be having a look at the newest Fantasy Flight Games offering from the lands of Terrinoth called “Heroes of Terrinoth”. What we have is basically a reskinning, but even better game than WarhammerQuest Adventure Card Game which it is reskinning. Some people have even gone so far as to call this Descent without the minis, and believe it or not, they’re not that far off!(laughs). There is a hefty amount of dice combat here and use of character skills and class specific skills which require some brain burning strategies during your encounters, which I find exhilarating in a game of this style!

There would be a LOT for me to cover here if I were to go into all the details like the types of character classes and the leveling which opens up new subclasses which is great fun too, but as I do all my reviews, I do it “guerilla style” and just hit you with the basic strengths and weaknesses and fun and good stuff, then let YOU discover the details if I’ve hopefully turned you onto getting this game!.(laughs) Which I hopefully have, because this is a GREAT game, not to be missed, especially if you are fan of Descent, Dungeonquest or Runebound, as this takes place in that world and even uses a lot of the same beloved characters we’ve become accustomed to from those games. Again, another little fun treat for fans of those games.

As far as weaknesses go, I really can’t say I found any that were deal breaking in the experience I had while playing this game. I’ve heard some say its too combat heavy with the dice rolls, AND too random in its reliance on those dice rolls because a run of bad rolls will ruin a game session for you. But that’s part of the fun I get from games of this style, as I am a dice chucker fan, and am forgiving in these aspects. I LOVED WarhammerQuest Adventure Card Game, and was heartbroken when GW pulled their license, and I am ECSTATIC with what FFG has done with the skeletal system of the old game and putting the Terrinoth skin on it. And if you want the FULL escapism thematic experience, I recommend getting the 24×24 inch play mat. It really does pull you into the world and bump up the enjoyment of the game, for me anyways.

And since this IS an FFG product, in this game world, you KNOW there will be content just pouring out for this game, which I cant be happier about or looking forward to more! As far as content right out of this box, I couldn’t be happier or more content. You get 12 characters, 4 main classes to choose from, and 8 adventure scenarios to sink your teeth into right when you open the box and dive right in to get started. And you will get started quickly as the rules just flow easily, maybe because I was just already so familiar with the other game. But I was up and running and having the best time in no time, with a smile I just couldn’t get off my face, because one of my favorite games was back, and better than ever!

I could close with that line as its perfect for all the feelings I wanted to convey to you that I had towards this game. I just want to point out a few more little details that yeah yeah, I know I said “guerilla style” and no real details, just the hits and misses, but these are a few things that really made me even happier with this game than I already was. Well the components are top notch FFG as always. Love the custom dice and the Descent vibe I got off them while playing. BUT one of the biggest “little” details is the fact that all the adventures here aren’t linked into a campaign like the older game was. Each adventure is a standalone quest which just felt freeing and more roguelike and loose in a lot of respects. So you can just sit down and solo a few characters one day and then next game night with your friends, even use the same adventure because the way they are structured details and encounters will be completely different and you’re not locked into any playing order, again which I just found so freeing and refreshing.

This game is a must have on your game shelf, whether you’re a fan of WHQACG or not. This is just a solid, sturdy game engine chugging along on all cylinders and is just a killer game experience. You’ll find yourself wanting to jump right back into this game even after a night of playing with a game group, to get right back in and solo another adventure, or even the same one you just played, you wont mind because you’re gonna have a new experience anyways because of all the content and replayability crammed into this game design. This game is just solid. Solid and fun and an instant classic, in my book anyways, and I cant urge you enough to run and pick up this game! I know you won’t be sorry because its THAT GOOD. You can even use some minis as markers and to pull you even more into this world, because its worth getting every ounce of fun out of every game experience here. Heroes of Terrinoth is not to be missed, and I know I will be saying that catch phrase more, because I have just been playing a lot of great, strong games recently. This is indeed a GREAT time to be a gamer. Especially a gamer who loves this game world and is at home here already. Well welcome home again, this game is not to be missed.

Beyond enthusiastically,
Andrew Baumgartner