Drew’s Reviews- Folklore the Affliction

I know I’m doing reviews of brand new HOT games of the moment, but 2 problems have arisen. One, there are only so many new game games at a certain rate, and two, I’m not made of money, and I don’t get free reviewers copies of these games. But I have been keeping up with new releases and I have an extensive collection, so I will be doing semi- brand new games and awesome games that might have flown under your radar and should be checked out. So that’s where we are with little dilemma, but trust me, you’re gonna love the stuff I share with you guys and you’ll be getting turned onto some amazing games!

So onward we go brave gamers! This review will be for what sits on the top of my list as my all time favorite game. And right now you can get this at really great prices everywhere. The game is Folklore the Affliction by Greenbrier Games. I’m gonna have a hard time keeping this review in check because there is so much to talk about here and so much to this game, this review could turn into a 10 page novella. (laughs). I was an all in pledge for the 1st pressing of this game because when I saw it, I was like this game was MADE FOR ME personally! It’s a role-playing game/boardgame with miniatures. The newer versions come with standees and you can buy the minis in a separate box. Let me tell you though, the minis are worth getting. They’re fully assembled and great sculpts of really cool monsters and characters. The time frame is sometime 15th or 16th century in an Eastern European type land that has a beautiful immersive 4 foot map that just pulls you into world. That map is an extra so retail has a smaller cardboard map board that is a much more manageable scale, but you’re gonna want the giant neoprene world map to get the full punch of this game experience.

Your party is traveling this land eradicating horrors known as “afflictions”. And they are your standard monsters and horrors from folk tales of old and just some really awesome creatures. Like the colossal dark oak which is basically a GIANT monster tree that has a mini in like 3 pieces that is like a half pound of resin, its amazing. Then you have werewolves, vampyres, witches, ghosts, ghouls, etc. There is a large bestiary here folks. You wont run out of monsters to fuel your nightmares in this world. Gameplay is old fashioned standard RPGish with characters fully fleshed out with a nice list of stats and skills that standard D&D players will be pleased with. This game to me has a D&D in a box feel and is game master-less, which is a dream come true for me! A game this deep and rich in storytelling that doesn’t require a storyteller game master! Adventures come out of a storybook in chapters, that is just amazing old school fairy tale monster infested bliss. I wont tell you any details of the ongoing “story”, but it is well written and rich in theme and atmosphere and will just leave you wanting more after each gaming session. You can also play in a looser free form playing style using a deck of cards called road events, where you just travel from town to town and deal with encounters along the way. The great thing here is that there are cards for on the road encounters which aren’t quite so dangerous to off road encounters which are considerably more dangerous but are shorter routes to your destinations. Another great thing here that gives you so much content is that every card has a day encounter and a night time encounter, which doubles your content every time you play. You may get the same card, but now you’re doing the night time encounter which could be better or worse.

There are 2 types of encounters here, skirmishes which are played out in a few dice rolls and are quick and easy but still full of theme, storytelling depth and richness. Then there are the full scale encounters that require these large game mats for the area and require miniatures or standees for the players and the monsters. These are more intense full scale battles that require strategy and a battle plan. This is the heart and meat of the game to get the full experience of this world that will just pull you in and leave you wanting more. There are some great really challenging battles and encounters even on these road events cards when you’re just freestyle roaming and traveling that are just as deep and rich as the encounters that make up the full Folklore story being told from the storybook. Encounters and battles are all done with a handful of dice from d4s to d6s and d10s. The combat and skills system is standard old school RPG style that will please veterans and newcomers to the genre. Everything flows so smooth and natural it’s a refreshing game system that has plenty of depth but doesn’t overwhelm you with tons of charts and numbers. Everything here is really well done and well thought out. I solo 2 or 3 characters and I have incredibly memorable and atmospheric adventures every time I sit down for a session, whether it be to follow the BIG story or just get in a few encounters while traveling the roads.

This will be the centerpiece of your gaming collection once you get EVERYTHING like I did. The world is amazing and thematic and just so full of depth and atmosphere that I cant believe they crammed so much into one game. That’s why it sits on top of my favorites list. I have ONE giant box just to hold all my minis, unpainted, and it weighs a ton. My KS pledge really hooked me up with loads of extra minis and sometimes when I’m bored I just take out the minis and look at them and marvel at the detail and get pulled into the world. This usually ends up with me setting up the whole 4 ft. neoprene map and then having like a week of marathon gaming sessions. (laughs) Well I hope I covered everything that I had to to entice you to buy this monster of a game experience that will truly become a gaming heirloom in your collection. Like I said before, I could go on and on about all the details but I want to leave as much for you to discover on your own when you get this game so you’ll have the same shock of wonder that I did when I opened my boxes.

Will never tire of this game,

Andrew Baumgartner