Drew’s Reviews- Dungeon Time

Just discovered one of the biggest surprise games I’ve experienced in a long time. Made by a company that specializes in miniatures boardgames like Sword & Sorcery and Galaxy Defenders, Ares games, called Dungeon Time. This is a straight up set collection card game, played as a dungeon crawl. You have to collect special pieces to accomplish various quests in different level encounters and dungeons. The kicker is you only have 5 minutes to do it!(laughs) The game comes with a 5 minute egg timer for the adventure phase, where you frantically try and find the ingredients and items you need to accomplish your objectives.

Another twist making things difficult is that you have a backpack that can only hold 8 different types of gear. Put more than 8 in here and the backpack rips open and is destroyed, game over. There are 4 different decks of varying degree difficulty encounters and dungeons, and really nice thematic text on each card telling you what your quests are and more thematic flair. The only drawback is you don’t have the time to enjoy the flair and thematic text cuz you’re under that 5 minute time limit. The urgency and frantic pace of the game is where it shines and is its strongest quality. That pressure makes it so much fun as you are blazing through your cards trying to find the recipes to complete your quests.

This game is made for a party of adventurers and offers 10 different character classes, each with its own perks and advantage. But this game really shows its strengths as a solo-solitaire type game. I’ve spent hours trying to complete the different level quests and adventures, AND the game is even structured for campaign play! So this is really a card game dungeon crawl. It has even more variants in the form of adventure cards where it becomes more like a stand alone adventure game with more freedom in play and endless replayability.

I did NOT expect this game to be THIS good. I’m floored by the amount of fun I had the first night I got this, learned the easy rules from the well written rulebook and was up and running and minutes and having the best time. It’s surprises like this in gaming that make trying every game that catches your eye worth it, expensive in the long run, but more than worth it. This game is an instant classic now in my collection and will get endless replays in rotation, because even though I just packed it up after playing it for a whole day, I can’t wait to play it again.

For a modest price tag, you get endless replayability and variations of adventuring, exploring, and campaign play that you wouldn’t expect from a game of this type. Again, I’m simply amazed at what they have created here and how much fun and how much value you get in this box. Production, card stock, art direction is all top notch and slightly whimsical but still gets the fantasy RPG elements across nicely. For this price and a mid size box game, you more than owe it to yourself as a gamer to experience the hectic pace and frantic frenzied fun on offer here. Run even faster and find a copy Dungeon Time, you will be glad you did!

Frantically waiting for my next playthrough,

Andrew Baumgartner