Drew’s Reviews- D100

These are indeed wonderful times to be a gamer! Indeed, I cannot stress that enough as cliché’d as it sounds! Just step back a few paces and look around you!!! We may be in a freak storm or ANOTHER golden age of gaming! Well I’m done complaining about it and yelling it, let us just settle in and enjoy discussing it together. Next game in my journey down this road of amazing games that shouldn’t fly under your radar but probably did is another BIG masterpiece in a little book, D100. This game started out as a free Print and play, which is how I discovered it, and printed out all 50 pages, put them in sheet protectors and then in a binder, and I had just discovered a whole new world of D&D style gaming, and SOLO play too!!! (laughs) This is basically D&D without a game master. This is an incredible feat of game design here. I was enthralled and captivated by it, and eventually the creator made a published, professionally printed version in softcover and hardback, and I bought both, because I believed the creator, Martin Knight, deserved my money for the entertainment experience that free print and play provided me, plus I wanted more!(laughs)

This is a brilliant, deep gaming system that is run by a series of tables and charts all run by a set of percentile dice, and a d6 for smaller tables. Colored pencils or pens in 4 colors are also needed for making your maps on the large squared grid paper you’ll have to get copied or printed to play this. Each color space on the map represents a different encounter, and then you reference another table with results going from from 1-100 to get your outcome. But in many cases, instead of an outcome, it will be more tables you’ll have to reference and make more rolls against and that’s where this game gets deep. The depth here in just one book of tables and charts is off the charts. It brought back fond memories I had from my old D&D days as a kid. That’s one of the things I loved most about D&D in the early days. The adventures your imagination created just from a bunch of tables and charts with nothing but dice to generate the outcomes and create the amazing stories that just unfolded based on your rolls. That’s what this game does. It creates incredible experiences, adventures, quests and journeys just from a few dice and like 70 pages in this incredible book.

There are a few more sheets you will have to get printed, like reference sheets and character sheets of course. But this is not just bare-bones D&D like you would think you’d get just from one single book. There’s also a companion book that’s not necessary, but does add a lot more content and flourishes to your adventures. One book of the content here can create adventures that most game masters couldn’t come up with. That’s the beauty of this game. It CREATES worlds and adventures, journeys, quests, etc. purely solo and just pulls you in. The value here is incredible. For the adventures and journeys you will go on just with these books, the value is priceless. What these books are, is imagination fuel. Fuel to fire up these adventures without the need of another person, only your imagination and what your mind will see just from these numbered tables, and that is just amazing. This could be considered a gateway drug to other types of boardgames or RPG systems down the road. But I couldn’t imagine a better gateway to these other realms than this. What Martin Knight has created here is just magical.

What you have here with just a few colored pencils, a few dice and your imagination is just beyond priceless. Get this for your kids or friends who you think will enjoy these gaming worlds or this hobby. It will open up worlds and journeys to create memories that will never go away. Those are the memories I have from my childhood of this type of gaming that pushed me into other types of games, like miniature wargaming, boardgaming, deck builders, etc. That is the joy of this hobby though. The joy is where one experience of one game will lead you next, and this will lead you in endless directions, which is the beauty here. A gateway and journey is more incredible and satisfying than the destination and final outcome to your journey. You just want these adventures to never end and keep going on and on, and that’s what makes hardcore gamers what they are. It’s games like this that fuel the imagination, not just give you everything in a box, like a ton of minis and cards and dice. This type of game is more valuable because it develops and creates gamer minds. Experiences like this are the most important kinds in gamers lives, and when you find games like this, you just cherish them and get the most you can out of them. And not for what they will lead you to, but also for what these types of games will generate on their own and the endless adventures it will allow your mind to create without having to spend hundreds of dollars on miniatures and all kinds of things like that. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but when you can get this much value and entertainment from one book, then just squeeze the shit out of it and get all you can out of a product like this. And trust me, there is a lot of gaming to be squeezed out of this one book.(laughs)

Get this book. (and of course, its companion volume)(laughs)

Forever the gaming enthusiast,

Andrew Baumgartner