Drew’s Reviews- Champions of Hara

I’m not sure when this game will hit retail, because as of now, it’s only available directly from the company, but in really small numbers. I was lucky enough to get the “bundle”, which is the core game and a big box expansion, adding like 4 more playable characters and bosses. The game here is Champions of Hara. I’ll be blunt and get this out right away, this is one of the best games I’ve ever played. I mean like one of the best games I’ve EVER played! That’s a pretty big statement and not to be taken lightly or dismissed again, like oh this dude loves everything. Well yeah, I love a lot of these games, but this one is different and goes much deeper. The depth and immersion you get here is incredible. This is a fully realized, living, breathing, evolving world, different in small or big ways every time you play.

Game mechanics are clever, well thought and brilliant. Character advancement, leveling up, all that stuff covered in depth. Every section of the world has its own atmosphere and distinct environments from swamps and jungles, to forgotten ruins and cities, all kinds of tech and terror are covered here!(laughs) Again this is one of those games with SO much going on, I could write pages on it, so all I will do iis tease you with what I just said and let you discover the rest for yourself. Because I don’t wanna ruin the thrill of discovery that I had while playing this game the first few times. There’s a little bit of dice chucking here, just 2 dice, one custom, the other a d6, but they do just what they are needed to do well.

The world is comprised of 7 giant hex tiles made of 7 smaller hexes with decks of hex shaped cards that sit in the middle of each world segment and populate each world sector with creatures and events. Then each character has their own decks of cards that cover all their stats and powers and backstories and abilities. There are 2 more sizable decks of hex shaped cards that cover the changes this world will go through as you play, to another sizable deck of things that will happen at the closing of every day that will add to each world sector filling it with more content and excitement. Then another deck of cards for side quests to your main scenario. Again, all of this is masterfully designed and orchestrated to provide an amazing and different gaming experience every time you play. This game is also a beautiful work of art, and a table eater, so make sure you have a sizable play area.(laughs) With a world this beautiful, it is absolutely worth it. The minis in the game are fantastic. From the smaller character minis to the larger CORRUPTED, which are the big baddies in the game. There is an expansion to the core game, called Champions of Hara Chaos, and it adds 3 new corrupted and 4 new characters, and bevy of smaller minis for other creatures and elements of the game, along with a new book of scenarios for all the new characters.

The scenarios are all wonderful adventures and cover all numbers of players from 2+ to distinctly solo, but the others can be played solo, multi handed. All I’ve been playing are the strictly solo ones and I’ve been captivated by them and addicted to them. I can’t stop playing this game!(laughs) That in a nutshell is the best thing I can say about this game is that you won’t be able to get enough of it and just want more, so you will keep wanting to play more to discover more of this fascinating world that is a labor of love for the creators. I am a personal friend of one of the designers and I know how much this game means to him and the years he has put into this game, and it shows. This game experience is EPIC and will be a favorite, cherished in your collection. Like I’ve stated before, I don’t get anything for free reviewing these games, I pay for my love of the hobby and it’s worth every penny. I couldn’t pay enough for this game, its worth every penny and more, so I highly recommend you grab this game and the expansion when you see it in retail. You will thank me later.(laughs)

Getting back to my current game of this masterpiece,

Andrew Baumgartner