Drew’s Reviews- AuZtralia

Some games you kinda find by accident. Some games find you because you avoided them thinking they were something they weren’t. Take this game, AuZtralia, as an example. I thought it was a zombie game because of the “Z” in the name, so I was like “pass”. I’m burned on zombie games right now. Then I find out it’s a mythos game? I was like, OK, sign me up, this looks cool as hell now, WW1 Australia fighting elder gods. Sweet baby Jeezus if that didn’t sound cool!(laughs)

Hard to find a place to start with a game like this that has so much going for it. From the designers pedigree alone, I knew I was in for something grand. I was not let down. This game is a monster in great game design. Everything is here from the Euro cube pushing worker placement to the dice free random generator with cards and hexes that is sure to please the dice haters out there.(laughs) Component quality is top notch and you wind up with a zillion baggies of goodness, which are provided in box, another great point. Throw in some heaping helpings of Cthulhu sauce and even a few zombies, and we are in for a gaming feast here folks. Add great solo rules to sweeten the pot and I have another future favorite on my hands. Oh yeah, and the kangaroos, this game has boatloads of kangaroos. Again, you ask, how can this keep getting better?(laughs) In my opinion, a dice element would have made things better, but I’m not going to nit pick when I have greatness of this grandiosity sitting on my table.

And this game doesn’t hide its grandiosity. It’s a table eater for sure, but everything is so well done you don’t mind. This game solos incredibly fast. Some games you can blow through in like 30 minutes, which is fine, but sometimes it seems like it takes longer to set up than to play!(laughs) Gameplay is tight and well paced and many clever mechanisms are at play here. So this machine is firing on all cylinders, which is why I’m so in love with this game. This game will be on my table a lot, much the same way as Champions of Hara. Good games like this and Hara just stick around, it’s how things go. Throw in a double sided board and you have content to spare, so replayability is high with this one. We have a Euro worker placement, cube pusher with resource management, some card management with a WW1 era wargame thrown in there for good measure, and you have, like I said before, a FEAST of a game here.

I pretty much summed up everything here, so the rest is up to you to enjoy discovering. And you will discover plenty. This is a future classic here folks, so keep your eye on this one, or just go buy it now, you will not be sorry. This game almost slipped by me, thank goodness it didn’t, so I am here to do you the favor and make sure it doesn’t slip by your radar. I think it even says classic series on the box, so this company knows what it has here. I know what I have here, which is a classic and a favorite that will see much table time, and with friends it becomes almost a whole new game worthy of another review. So what are you waiting for? I made it easy enough for giving you less to read, and more time to run out and grab this monster of epic gaming proportions.(laughs) Get this game. Get it now.

Already owning this masterpiece, so I’m safe,

Andrew Baumgartner