Drew’s Reviews- Arkham Horror 3rd ed

We’re going back to a classic game that was an obsession of mine for years in my earlier days of boardgaming, Arkham Horror! But now we have a 3rd edition, and I know what you’re probably thinking, oh that new edition BS, I’m not wasting my money on that. That’s exactly what I thought when I heard they had a new edition coming out, and considering the HUNDREDS of dollars I sank into the last edition and the expansions, I was staying away from this. But oh contrare, how wrong I was! (laughs) This is a new edition of the highest order! I mean they made a new game here. Pretty much from the ground up, and it just blew my socks off. (laughs)

OK, now that I found my socks again, lets dive back in. (laughs) FFG went and totally made a new game like I said, a whole new gameboard that you actually build for every adventure and game session. Hundreds of cards, again, as usual, and a new twist in the game engine that’s like the SOUL of this new game engine, the “codex”. This is similar to the choose your own adventure style thing or even what they did in Fallout with the numbered cards system. As you complete specific mysteries tasks and missions, you unlock or go to special numbered cards that throw twists and turns into the story. It’s thematic as all get out and so engrossing it pulls you down into the murky Lovecraftian depths.

The 2nd edition was a monster and all time classic of a game. And there would be no way you would think that they could top that. But IMHO I think they actually have this time. Second edition had a million expansions and board extensions that became kind of unwieldy. Now with the new format of the board construction for every game, this edition is MADE for expansions. I realized that right off the bat! I was like, holy hell, look what they did here! This game is just made for new board areas with the expansions and you’ll be able to add all the expansions and use everything you have and for replayability to change things up and create new maps and board layouts. Each area is now a separate hex tile with a few areas on it and can be arranged differently every game to create new board layouts.The possibilities are almost endless for FFG to create expansions. The codex deck was such a great idea and new game engine to drive the stories and keep things moving forward at the rate the players are accomplishing goals and solving mysteries and so forth. A plethora of decks for each area like in the 2nd edition, but the similarities pretty much end there. Everything else has been changed up and freshened up that might have been getting a little stale, which could be the things that prompted this reboot. I don’t care because now I have this amazing NEW game on my gaming table, and not just the same game with a new price tag on it. This time we’re getting new content and experiences for our NEW money, and I couldn’t be happier.

Lets just hope they don’t decide to do a new edition of Eldritch Horror after the countless expansions I just spent hundreds of dollars on because the game is just fine where its at! (laughs) I’m not saying I’ll never play my 2nd edition Arkham Horror again, on the contrary, it will be a reason to want to play that edition again because it’s almost an entirely different game! I hope everyone sees that in the value of getting this game if you have everything for the 2nd edition. You’re getting a new game engine and game world here. Sure it’s the same mythos because it has to be, but FFG has crafted a new masterpiece of gaming entertainment here. Dice rolls and card draws work similarly with a few little twists thrown in there, but if you know how to play the other mythos games, you’ll pick this up in a heartbeat with little to no effort. This game is a smooth and effortless joy to play. Soloing is the same as the other mythos games, you simply run multiple investigators. I run 2 investigators and I’ve had no problems or felt like I didn’t stand a chance. I had more drive to push forward to see what was waiting for me around that next dark corner and back alley.

If you’re a fan of this series, this game is a must own for your collection. This is just a fresh gaming experience in the same Lovecraftian worlds we all love and the reason we laid out our money for this new entry in the hobby. The rulebook is well written so even newcomers will have no problem stepping into this world, which is just wonderful. Hopefully this will be the gateway game to create more Lovecraftian gamers and a bigger audience and reason for FFG to make the countless expansions that you know are just waiting around that next dark corner. That’s not just a horror to steal our sanity, it’s an even scarier amazing addition to the hobby that’s gonna devour our wallets. FFG can gladly take my money if they continue to produce games of this quality. If you’re a 2nd edition completionist, you owe it to yourself and your collection to run out and pick this game up. Its an amazing stand alone new mythos game in those familiar worlds, but with enough terrifying encounters, theme and content to drive you mad for years to come.

Sincerely consumed by madness,

Andrew Baumgartner