Drew’s Reviews- A4 Quest

This will be a fun little review for a HUGE game in a small box!!!… A game that actually didn’t even have a box when it was introduced and presented to the gaming world as a free Print and Play game called A4 Quest. Later they ran a kickstarter for a new A4 Quest style game called Page Quest, that was more Indiana Jones style adventures in the modern world. And if you pledged for the full season of adventures, you received what I have in this picture, a professionally printed A4 Quest game on gameboards, standees for all the characters, and even standees and tokens for Page Quest, all in a handsomely crafted gift box. The presentation on the boxed set was gorgeous for such a minimally priced package. Its on preorder right now, but I have a kickstarter copy, and ignore the RFoD cards to the left in the pic… (laughs)

The gameplay mechanics and system here are the standouts. Which is remarkable for the high quality of the components and presentation. The system is easy to learn, elegant and graceful in the way it flows with dice pool allocation that a lot of games are emulating these days. This is the true original worthy of your dollars and support. I think you can still get the free versions, which I also have that you can print and play for free still! The great thing about the free version is that you can cut up the cards to lay them out as random dungeons everytime you play. I don’t recommend cutting up the boxed version, because the boards are just on quality cardstock and are perfect the way they are. So this version I believe was meant to be played in a linear fashion, quest by quest. You have standard RPG characters like the knight, the paladin, the archer etc., and even a few companions like a dog and an armored chicken thrown in for fun!

The fact that this game was made originally as a free game by a Polish game company called Thistroy Games, just blows my mind. The talent in these designers, artists and developers is off the charts, and the man hours put into each adventure were just a labor of love for the game and more for the love of the gamers. Which you have to give this company the credit they deserve for offering this quality game for FREE. I jumped at the KS to get the printed boards and standees and box, and its clearly worth every penny if not many more. As I stated before, gameplay is simple but still deep and complex in its strategy and execution. You can really lose yourself in these small pages and a handful of 5 dice.

I know you guys are probably getting sick of me never having a negative thing to say in any of my reviews, but I will make a first in this one. I wanted MORE!. Like a LOT more because I couldn’t get enough of this game and how well it plays and the fun I have with it. I just know the amount of hand drawn art and time put into each one, and I respect that from the designers, and respect their hard work, so that is just my greed talking. (laughs)

I highly recommend you grab this when it finally hits retail, and then see if you can still track down the free versions just to have and cut up and play the ways you like. But first, definitely help support Thistroy games with your gaming dollars. They more than deserve it in this landscape of big, overblown hype engines of games out there they are competing with. This game is the little soldier that can easily compete with all those big brand name goliaths out there, so track this down in any form, you will not be sorry you did.

Again, beyond over enthused,

Andrew Baumgartner