Drew’s Reviews- Super Fantasy Ugly Snouts Attack

Holy cow, do I have a hidden treasure for you guys today! I don’t know where this game was hiding, but I found out it had a sequel and that’s in transit right now!!!…lol… It’s with zombies. The game we’ll be discussing today has a rather odd name and I hope I get it correct, Super Fantasy Ugly Snouts Assault.

Talk about a mouthful for a title, wait till you open that medium sized box!(laughs) You get a ton of high quality stuff in this box. All the monsters and characters and doors are on standees, no minis here, cuz that woulda cost a fortune. This was pretty cheap. Then you get all these floor and hall tiles and actual stained wood chests and barrels. White painted wooden columns too.

The game is your standard dungeon crawl, looking very reminiscent of a Descent style layout. The manual has all the floor-plans to make like 10 scenarios, and you can also make your own. There is a plethora of character classes and each has a giant stat card with slots for all kinds of add ons and treasures you’ll find in your travels. You also level your characters up every scenario, so their 3 skills have 3 levels each to level up with experience points. This game has it all, even 6 custom dice with a clever dice management system to play your turns. This is light to medium dungeon crawl at its finest. There are like 4 classes of monster standees you will encounter, and the manual has all the stats for combat right there. Very well written rulebook too. Concise and to the point, gets you playing in seconds

As you make your way through the dungeon, you use skills to pick locks on doors or bash them. You also bash the wooden barrels and chests for booty too. This is a very well done, if slightly whimsical dungeon crawl. The art is a little on the cartoony playful side, but it doesn’t affect the immersion or fun factors at all… It’s all pure fun from the get go. You also get a TON of different sized cardboard treasure cards for the barrels and the chests Like I said previously, you get a lot in this box, because some of the floor tiles are rather big.

That’s pretty much all there is to say about this game, its top quality custom dice dungeon crawling goodness right out of the box!(laughs) You can solo, and they even tell you which characters to use if you are soloing. It’s at least2 characters per game when you solo, but you could play more. This game was very cheap on Amazon for a time, so good luck finding one, but it will be well worth it. All dungeon crawl fans should own this game, for what you get and for the price point.

There’s a lot of depth to this game, so you will more than get you moneys worth provided you don’t pay an inflated price, cuz this could be out print now too. Well worth the adventure of tracking this one down though, a definite keeper for you collection…

Still assaulting ugly snouts,

Andrew Baumgartner