Drew’s Reviews- D100

These are indeed wonderful times to be a gamer! Indeed, I cannot stress that enough as cliché’d as it sounds! Just step back a few paces and look around you!!! We may be in a freak storm or ANOTHER golden age of gaming! Well I’m done complaining about it and yelling it, let us just settle in and enjoy discussing it together. Next game in my journey down this road of amazing games that shouldn’t fly under your radar but probably did is another BIG masterpiece in a little book, D100. This game started out as a free Print and play, which is how I discovered it, and printed out all 50 pages, put them in sheet protectors and then in a binder, and I had just discovered a whole new world of D&D style gaming, and SOLO play too!!! (laughs) This is basically D&D without a game master. This is an incredible feat of game design here. I was enthralled and captivated by it, and eventually the creator made a published, professionally printed version in softcover and hardback, and I bought both, because I believed the creator, Martin Knight, deserved my money for the entertainment experience that free print and play provided me, plus I wanted more!(laughs)

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Drew’s Reviews- Champions of Hara

I’m not sure when this game will hit retail, because as of now, it’s only available directly from the company, but in really small numbers. I was lucky enough to get the “bundle”, which is the core game and a big box expansion, adding like 4 more playable characters and bosses. The game here is Champions of Hara. I’ll be blunt and get this out right away, this is one of the best games I’ve ever played. I mean like one of the best games I’ve EVER played! That’s a pretty big statement and not to be taken lightly or dismissed again, like oh this dude loves everything. Well yeah, I love a lot of these games, but this one is different and goes much deeper. The depth and immersion you get here is incredible. This is a fully realized, living, breathing, evolving world, different in small or big ways every time you play.

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Drew’s Reviews- Escape the Dark Castle

Don’t judge a book by its cover is a phrase we’ve grown up hearing all of our lives. But what if the same was to be said about the insides of something? That is what we have here, in this review of Escape the Dark Castle. A game with such hideous art it’s almost a work of art in itself! (laughs) I’ve had friends tell me this game sucked and to avoid it based on how bad it looked, which is why I made the opening of this review about how this game looks as opposed to how it plays. I DID avoid the game at first because of this, then bought it on a whim because a friend said it was actually fun, and she found the art to be a throwback to the terrible art of EARLY Dungeons & Dragons days. Which have a very special place in my heart. So with that information I went into this game, and boy, am I glad I did.

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Drew’s Reviews- Ancient Terrible Things

Been awhile since this game has seen mention, but I know there’s been a limited reprint, so I figured this was the best time to get the word out on this little masterpiece! Ancient Terrible Things is one of those games where you get a lot more depth and strategy out of than you would expect at first glance. Upon first glance, you just think, oh it’s another Yahtzee like dice chucker with a mythos flair and theme to it, but all the extras they threw in here make replayability endless and the strategies a lot more complex than just rolling to get a pattern of numbers or certain groupings of dice. Throw in a gorgeous eclectic art style and you have an immersive and creepy game world and experience like no other. The excitement comes from making crazy dice rolls and taking chances that you wouldn’t think you could do, and by using the tools and elements in this game world, you are able to pull off and it’s just so exciting and exhilarating!

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Drew’s Review’s- Wakening Lair

Here’s the best little game I’ve played outta this small of a box in awhile. Well, it’s a medium sized box at best. (laughs) This little game is pretty darn good for what it pulls off with this amount of components in a clever little package of interesting yet simple play mechanics that just work for what they do and how they do it. Just enough content for a good little world of a small light dungeon crawl done right. It’s a light game still, but packs a little heavier punch in what it pulls off with clever mechanics and the depth it snuck in there without anybody noticing. (laughs) As basic a plot as you could want from a dungeon crawl, sneak into a dungeon, steal loot and kill the boss monster. Basic, but a lot of fun each time you sit down with it.

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