Drew’s Reviews- Fates of Madness

This is a brand new Kick Starter I just received, Fates of Madness by Legendary Games. This is one of those games that totally takes you by surprise in how much content, fun and replayability and depth is in this little box. The story is that you are a party of 4 adventurers setting out to explore at least 3 locations or scenarios, then fight a boss at the end after your adventure was a success. The game is easily solo-able, in that you just have to play all 4 characters yourself. And there are some really cool characters here and a plethora to choose from, so half the fun of this game is making cool parties to see which combinations fare the best. The game consists of 2 sizes of cards, tarot sized and poker sized. Poker sized for things like equipment, treasure, potions and a fate deck, and tarot sized for the character cards and encounter cards that can either be creatures, locations, bosses or scenarios.

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Drew’s Reviews- Planet of the Apes

We have another game that might have slipped under everyone’s radar, much like it did mine like 2 years ago when it first came out. Planet of the Apes, designed by Richard Launius, and the same people that brought you the Batman game I reviewed not long ago. A dice chucker at heart, with dice management as the key element here, similar to Batman, but I think this one goes a little deeper with the amount of choices you have to make and the depth involved. Its also a bit easier to win than Batman, for those who might have been put off by the difficulty of that game, boy was that tough!(laughs) Its faithful to the source material of the Apes movies, even though it doesn’t use film footage. It uses a comic book rendering style for the art, which is really well done. Art and production here are amazing.

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Drew’s Reviews- AuZtralia

Some games you kinda find by accident. Some games find you because you avoided them thinking they were something they weren’t. Take this game, AuZtralia, as an example. I thought it was a zombie game because of the “Z” in the name, so I was like “pass”. I’m burned on zombie games right now. Then I find out it’s a mythos game? I was like, OK, sign me up, this looks cool as hell now, WW1 Australia fighting elder gods. Sweet baby Jeezus if that didn’t sound cool!(laughs)

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Drew’s Reviews- Highlander

Every once in awhile, a GREAT movie is made into a GREAT boardgame. This is indeed one of those times. Most movie to game adaptations aren’t that good for many reasons. Bad gameplay, misuse or neglect of source material, etc.. Highlander the Boardgame hits every note spot on. Great use of the source material from the movies, but not the TV show, which is this games only fault. Scenes from the movies are used on the cards and gameboard. The miniatures are incredible sculpts and the detail is top notch. Everything here is done so well and in a small package.

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Drew’s Reviews- Nemesis

I love Kick Starters. Expensive as they are, you get access to and help fund some really amazing games that maybe wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for this medium. Games like this, NEMESIS, by Awaken Realms. Not sure when this will hit retail, but there are a ton of these core games floating around out there, so I figured it deserved a review since so many already have it. And if you don’t, grab this thing as soon it hits retail! This is high end, top quality stuff. No expenses were spared making this game. Component quality is off the charts. From the giant sized gameboard, to the minis of the aliens you’ll be fighting. And let’s be honest, that’s what we’re playing here folks, is the best boardgame version of Aliens you’ll ever see! (laughs)

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