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Drew’s Reviews- Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth

We have an interesting review today, because I was going to review a throwback game that’s been out for awhile, but then I got this game that actually has the same game engine as that older game!(laughs) No shenanigans going on there, because it’s the same game designer and same game company that makes this game that I see as the “evolution” of that older game, and this game we’re talking about today is Judge Dredd –The Cursed Earth. The game is made by Osprey games, designed by Peer Sylvester, same company and designer of the Lost Expedition. Fans of that game will be instant fans of this game, because it has the same DNA, meaning game engine, but just a lot more perks and depth and basically just “turned up to 11!!!”(laughs)

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Drew’s Reviews- Lucidity

Here’s an older game I had to bring to your attention to make sure any dice chuckers out there, like myself, could get hooked up. The game in today’s spotlight is Lucidity-Six Sided Nightmares, and this is the dual box KS version I have on display here. And yes the 2 box set is worth tracking down. This might be a short review but it will hopefully do this amazing little game justice. This is probably one of the best dice chuckers I’ve played besides Dice throne. This game just blows my chuckin mind. See what I did there?(laughs)

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Drew’s Reviews- Spirit Island

Euro worker placement games are kinda on the other side of my gaming spectrum. I prefer more randomness and dice chucking in my gaming cuz to me, that represents the total randomness life throws at you every day. I LOVE games like viticulture and the game we’ll be talking about today, Spirit Island. Not a new game by any means, but if it wasn’t on your radar it damn well should be. This game has classic must have in your collection written all over it.(laughs) At first it doesn’t look like your average worker placement cube pushing euro abstract, but it is surely abstract. You play one of 8 spirits on these small islands just discovered by colonists in ships in those really early days. There’s some card drafting and micromanagement on your spirit board also, so there is enough depth here to fill a 50 gallon drum.(laughs)

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Drew’s Reviews- Dungeon Time

Just discovered one of the biggest surprise games I’ve experienced in a long time. Made by a company that specializes in miniatures boardgames like Sword & Sorcery and Galaxy Defenders, Ares games, called Dungeon Time. This is a straight up set collection card game, played as a dungeon crawl. You have to collect special pieces to accomplish various quests in different level encounters and dungeons. The kicker is you only have 5 minutes to do it!(laughs) The game comes with a 5 minute egg timer for the adventure phase, where you frantically try and find the ingredients and items you need to accomplish your objectives.

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